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Does your site require 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)?
Get started today using our TxTria EZAuth 2FA use case vetted shortcode for your USA customers. See How How TxTria EZAuth 2FA (Two Factor Authntication) Works. WARNING: Our pricing is not competitive...it flat out crushes the competition! ↓↓↓ Contact us below to receive your TxTria EZAuth 2FA sign up promo code ↓↓↓


Did you get a message from 82888? TERMS & CONDITIONS: By submitting a form that requires two factor authentication (One Time Passcode PIN) , You are expressly consenting to be contacted by the business (or by their respective agents or representatives) for One Time Passcode PIN SMS messaging to the phone number you provided to the company participating with our 2FA service. This consent is not required as a condition to purchase products or services. This service is presented by TxTria, an interactive SMS service, on behalf of the business. You will only receive 1 (one) One Time Passcode PIN message in response to your requests(s) on the businesses website. You can reply with STOP to discontinue messaging at any time. Message and data rates may apply. You can continue receiving One Time Passcode PIN messaging by sending YES or RESTART to 82888. Text HELP to 82888 for help.

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TxTria SMS API Costs
Longcode Phone Numbers
Send SMS (Outbound) Receive SMS (Inbound)
$0.0045* $0.000
Landline SMS Phone Numbers**
Send SMS (Outbound) Receive SMS (Inbound)
$0.0045* $0.000
TOLL FREE Phone Numbers
Send SMS (Outbound) Receive SMS (Inbound)
$0.0095 $0.0065
MMS Longcodes & Landlines (TOLL FREE cannot send MMS)
Send MMS (Outbound) Receive MMS (Inbound)
$0.0175* $0.00
*Additional carrier delivery charge of 0.0011 - 0.0025 per SMS.
**Turn your clients landline numbers into texting numbers.  Clients keep current Voice provider
TxTria Phone Number Costs
10 Digit USA & Canada Only
Longcode Numbers TOLL FREE Numbers
$0.65* $0.90*
Landline Numbers (SMS Only)** Ported Longcode Numbers***
$0.90* $0.65*
*No Additional fee's EVER!
**Turn your clients landline numbers into texting numbers.  Clients keep current Voice provider
***Using the number for SMS & Voice somewhere else?  Move it over to TxTria and start saving with us.
TxTria Voice API Costs
Featuring 6 Second Billing
10 Digit USA & Canada Longcodes/TOLL FREE Only
Make Calls (Outbound) Receive Calls (Inbound)
$0.01* $0.0065*
*No Additional fee's EVER!
TxTria Rate Lock Guarantee
Lock in lower pricing forever
On all advertised pricing on this page.
Tier 2 Pricing Up To Tier 3 Pricing Up To
15%* OFF + 30%* OFF +
1st 3,000 Longcode SMS FREE Every Month 1st 6,000 Longcode SMS FREE Every Month
*Monthly Commitment Required.
TxTria Commercial Solutions
SMS/Voice Volume Discounts
For established companies with volumes in range from 300K to 10M a month or more.
Tier 4 Pricing
Up To 50% Savings
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